More than just a construction group!


  • To consider future customer needs and expectations
  • To consider Customer satisfaction and delivery on time.
  • EXICO is bound to conducting and implementing its actions according to certain fundamentals.
    Those constitute our professional ethics, shared without exception by the entity of our personal and
    collaborators because our field of work involves specialized disciplines in the oil field.
    EXICO is clearly recognized by Sudanese public authorities as well as the authorities of the best
    countries where we undertake our operation. EXICO is particularly concerned with the respect of
    the law and the transparency of our structures and assignments.
    EXICO guarantees it independence financial autonomy and private shareholding as well as by
    its position. EXICO stands our through it impartiality and balanced judgments, the variety and choice
    of its assignments by the diversity of its client portfolio. Consequently the company reserve the right toz
    refuse any activity or indeed person or body that does not conform to its ethics.
    EXICO is committed to taking on only those assignments and services for which we can control
    the execution and for which we have the necessary means to offer the highest level of quality
    EXICO Company is fully complies with the business and labour laws as well as the environmental regulations.
    EXICO/Client relationship must surpass the traditional framework of service provisions, on account of the
    extreme conditions involved in our works, to become one of partnership based on mutual confidence.
    EXICO seeks long-term commitment and respects the corporate culture of the client. EXICO and its
    collaborators will avoid any action or initiative that could harm our partner’s corporate image and repute.
    To carry out its activities, EXICO must often gather or work with confidential or valuable data concerning
    the partner company. This data remains the exclusive property of the client. Total discretion is
    a fundamental rule for the collaborators of EXICO, in both their modes of action and behavior.
    Indiscretion, even voluntary, is considered as professional misconduct.
    For EXICO recruitment is of utmost importance, and each member of staff is co-opted.
    A candidate can be considered for recruitment only if his/her skills, attitude and knowledge are
    matched with specific job.